Eimskip recognizes the value of transparent and open communication with the Company’s stakeholders, consistent with commercial confidentiality and regulatory considerations. Stakeholders include investors, employees, customers, suppliers, media, local communities and authorities.

This policy outlines the objectives and processes for effective communication between Eimskip and its various audiences.


It is the policy of Eimskip to disclose financial and corporate information, providing stakeholders with timely, comprehensive and accurate information to improve the understanding of the current and expected development of the Company.
Eimskip adheres to the principle of giving simultaneous access to relevant information and equal treatment of all stakeholders.
At all times, Eimskip complies with relevant laws and regulations, as well as the disclosure obligations of Nasdaq Iceland.
Eimskip adheres to the principle of giving simultaneous access to relevant information and equal treatment of all stakeholders.


All press releases and announcements are distributed via a recognized distribution vehicle. Following quarterly results, Eimskip hosts a meeting for investors, analysts and other stakeholders.

Eimskip maintains open communication with analysts. If the Company is asked to review analyst draft reports or other analyst material, the comments will be limited to pointing out available information, discussion of general factors that might influence the Company’s operations, provision of general information about the Company’s markets and business environment, as well as to correction of historical data.


To comply with good corporate governance, Eimskip does not comment on matters related to financial results or expectations in a period of four weeks prior to announcements of the Company’s interim and full year financial results.


Eimskip observes a firm policy of not disclosing sensitive information regarding development in revenue, investments, employees or other aspects that may compromise the Company’s competitive position in the market. However, Eimskip observes its obligation to disclose material changes in the business and in financial development.
Eimskip does not comment on changes in share price or fluctuation in trading volume of shares. The Company generally avoids commenting on market rumors or speculative inquires, unless required to do so by regulation.


Eimskip does not comment on the likelihood that it will meet, exceed or fall short of equity analysts’ estimates, either on an individual or consensus basis. This applies in all phases of the quarterly reporting cycle.


The CEO, the CFO, the Senior Manager of Corporate Communication and Marketing, the Senior Manager of Investor Relations and the Chairman of the Board are authorized spokespersons for Eimskip. When considered appropriate or necessary, other employees within the Company may be designated by an authorized spokesperson to respond to specific inquiries.
23 February 2017
Board of Directors